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Struggling to Keep Your Toddler Away from TV, Mobile & Mischief?

  • Looking for means to engage your toddler at home?
  • Tired of showing the same old nursery rhyme videos to your toddler?
  • Looking for something that is fun AND educational at the same time?
  • Research suggests that toddlers have a huge capacity to learn through all the senses. The more stimulation they get through different senses, the better their brain develops.
  • Our products not only allow you to engage your child better and keep them away from TV and mobile, but also build 12 essential skills in them

How does Magic Crate work?

Each month, a boxful of activities is sent to your doorstep.

The super-interesting activities keep your little one engaged, thrilled and off TV! And the activity design ensures that they keep learning something new.

Since they get something different each month, they keep coming back to it. Providing you with peace of mind and the much needed "me" time.

Parent Reviews

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I was sceptical whether these products would hold my toddler's attention. But kudos to your design team - my son loves your crates and looks forward to it each month !


Not only am I able to keep Madhav away from TV, but he is also learning something new and exciting each month. Great concept, Magic Crate !

Eshwar Raman

Being a working mother, I depend on my parents to baby sit my daughter when I am away at work. And I was always worried that they would tire out. Thanks to Magic Crate, they have something to keep my high energy daughter busy with, when I am away at work !

Sreenidhi Nair

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Here is What Your Child will get Each Month

Box 1: My Animal Friends

Apr June

Box 2: My Fruit and Vegetable Friends

June July

Box 3: My Fleet of Vehicles

May August

Box 4: Textures

July September

Box 5: My Friends of the Sea

August October

Box 6: Colours and Shapes

September November

*We guarantee that you will never get a box that you have already received!
And we launch a new module every month, so your child will never run out of things to do.

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