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Science, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills for 8-10 year olds

  • Research has shown that a strong interest and liking for Science built during foundational years leads to significantly better academic outcomes in the later years.
  • Understanding of fundamental concepts, ability to apply them to real-world objects, structured thinking & problem solving skills are important skills for children to build in this age group.
  • Magic Crate helps build these skills through practical & fun projects in a friendly home setting.

How does Magic Crate work?

Each month, a boxful of activities is sent to your doorstep.

The super-interesting activities keep your child engaged , thrilled and off TV! And the activity design ensures that they keep learning something new.

Since they get something different each month, they keep coming back to it. And the learning ensures that they do well at school.

Parent Reviews

Aakruti reviewed Magic Crate -


Science was never as fun for my son! Car that runs on wind, truck that moves due to a magnet.. The projects are thoroughly interesting!

Anand reviewed Magic Crate -


Kudos to the magic crate team! Your monthly project kit is so popular that my daughter's friends have also subscribed and they have a wonderful time every weekend building the projects together!

Colonel Radhakrishnan reviewed Magic Crate -


Neat packaging, clear instructions, wonderfully innovative projects that teach our children all about how things work, better than textbooks! Love it!

Shilpa Venkatesh reviewed Magic Crate -


I must daughter was bored with her school science classes..and a friend suggested magiccrate.. once she got to do some of these projects, she was thrilled! the detective toolkit with invisible ink was her favourite!

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Here is What Your Child will get Each Month

Box 1: Light


Box 2: Gears


Box 3: Pressure


Box 4: Simple Machines


Box 5: Magnetism


Box 6: Gravity


Box 7: Mechanics


Box 8: Fun with Motors


Box 9: Hydraulics


*We guarantee that you will never get a box that you have already received!
And we launch a new module every month, so your child will never run out of things to do.

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