Fun Ways to Break Your Child's TV Habit

Fun Ways to Break A Child’s TV Habit

Akash throws his bag on the couch as his shoes lay scattered across the room, he rushes to grab the black button box, that takes him into the mystical lands of entertainment and fun. His mom screams her lungs out, asking him to change, grab the snack she’s made for him, and turn off the TV.

But, he’s glued to it and can hear the voice of none but Dora. Does this sound familiar? Is the television your child’s best friend? Do you think your child is addicted to the television too? Here are a few Fun Ways to Break Your Child’s TV Habit.

Set an example

I know I’ve started with the toughest task, and you might consider leaving the blog and finding one that doesn’t ask you to step out of your comfort zone. But hey! Your child learns from what she sees. So, don’t grab the remote every time you are bored. Indulge in some fun activities, play a sport, take up a hobby, or grab a book, she’s sure to follow your example.



Have a routine

Create a routine for her that’s the right mix of fun and learning. Add activities that keep her looking forward to the time she gets to spend in those activities, rather than for ways to skip it. Enrolling her in a hobby class, or taking her for small rides, could be something she would enjoy. Don’t keep it loaded with what you assume to interest her, asking her to pick the activities could be the best way to do it.

Activity boxes

Subscribe for some fun learning activity boxes for your child. This will help her stay occupied in a fun way, and stay away from television. The main reason that kids pick television as an entertainment option is because they’re bored and have nothing interesting to do. The endless bunch of toys you buy might stop interesting them too, after a while. So, get her some fun activity boxes that lets her explore her interests and have something new to play with every month.

Encourage playing outdoors



Take her to the local park, organize play dates, teach her a fun sport. These would encourage her to spend time outside rather than in front of the idiot box. What’s more? She’d grow up to a healthy and active child.

Do not include video games in playtime

It might be your child’s regular playtime or a play date with a bunch of friends, make sure you do not encourage video games. Let them enjoy the traditional play that keeps them fit and active, as compared to something that’s related to television and is addictive. And make sure you instruct the other parents too about this rule of “No TV” for your child, even while she’s at their place.

Don’t have scheduled TV time every day

Setting up a predefined TV time might seem like the most obvious move to break your child’s TV habit, but in reality, it does the exact opposite of it. Your child might spend most of her time looking forward to that TV show and time that she gets to spend watching TV, and avenues to extend it. So, never have a fixed schedule, this will help your child have alternative plans for her free time than just spending it, glued to the idiot box.



Be open

Know what your child’s watching and be open to letting her have access to some amount of TV time. Encourage her to defend in a healthy manner, her decision to pick a certain program to watch, and why she thinks she needs to be permitted to. This will help her develop critical thinking and evaluation of her decisions and be assertive about her decisions. Make sure you watch the program with her, and if she ends up liking it, and the content of the show isn’t objectionable, let her watch it. Because it is fine to ban mindless TV watching, but not everything that’s on TV.

Talk to her

Tell her why you think being glued to TV is not the right thing for her, and how you’re proud of the times she chose an alternative way to spend time with TV. This will encourage her to act more responsible and get over the habit.

Did the tips her? Tell us how you helped your child overcome TV addiction in the comments below.


Many thanks for your concern about the problems of childhood in general and more for your suggestions how they to be nurtured and resolved by the parents and seniors with utmost patience . I value your feeling and thoughts about the children,this way our posterity will be groomed in the right direction if followed. Thanks a lot once again.

My child is glued to the TV all day long and has become a compulsive eater, when I tried to bring in this “TV only while she is eating,” rule. Guess I should get rid of that and try the other tips you have suggested here.

An added idea is to spend a substantial time (to begin with)on a planned day with the pictures of the child.Childhood is an egocentric stage.Hence the child will love it when enough time is spent with the photos ,recalling the nice things about the child.Also speak about the interests of the child which are activity based. This without any doubt will inspire the child to involve in activities and games thus help in being away from TV. He/She will learn by doing ,increasing the general intelligence. It will gradually reduce the TV habit. What is to be remembered is to praise ,reward and be a constructive critic.By constructive criticism we mean that it should not be a directionless criticism but to make it clear for the child so that there is an enthusiastic learning and a feel good factor. Thus it will be an extraordinary extraTV learning .As the parents (as well as the children ), there will be awareness about their strengths and areas of “need to be stronger” which can be nourished and helped respectively.

Very useful information shared .It’s actually the parents to be responsible…If we really want a responsible citizen for tomorrow, here’s where we parents should really start.

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