How to teach a child the alphabets

How to teach a child the alphabets?

Wondering how to teach a child the alphabets? Well, your search ends here. Most children tend to recognize a few letters by the time they’re two-year-old. So, here’s how you take it from the stage of recognizing to learning.

It is important that you pay more attention to teaching her the alphabets than you would at a later stage while teaching your child to read because this is the foundational step for reading and writing. Here are a few tips you could use to teach a child the alphabets.

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1. Get her interested
Toddlers are easily distracted and if you want her to learn something the only way to get it done is by getting her interested.

2. Go slow
Do not rush her into picking up all the alphabets by the end of the first week. Remember it is 26 new alphabets and 52 letters (both upper and lower case included), and that’s a lot for her little brain. So, go slow, maybe a few letters a day and revise the same thing over and over again, before you could move on to the next set.

3. Play the ABC song

Play the ABC rhyme and sing along with her. Remember that’s how you learned the alphabets too, and you still remember the tune of the song 😉

4. Teach letter by letter
Teach her the letters one by one, make her see them in different shapes and sizes (you could use charts, play dough, coloring books, etc.). Once she gets the Upper case, teach her the lowercase equivalent of the same, before you move on to the next letter.

5. Alphabet sounds

Get her acquainted with the sound of each alphabet so that she picks the shape and sound of the alphabet at the same time. This will help her recall better, so always say out alphabets loud and repeat it several times even as she traces over them.

6. Identify alphabets

Pick a newspaper, magazine, an alphabet chart, or just point out at the billboards, and help her identify the alphabets. And when she gets them right, reward her with a hug, candies, or compliments. She’s sure to learn fast.

7. Upper case and Lower case

It is fun to teach a child the alphabets, and more so when you get into the finer details of the uppercase and lowercase, because there’s so much of fun learning that can happen. Use huge alphabet charts and help her copy the letters on a paper, repeat several times, before you help her recognize and recall.

For instance, you could write down words that begin with the letter (assuming you are writing down words that start with “G” you could write words that begin with “G” but write them down in upper and lower case), and ask the child to identify the alphabet. Reward her when she picks the right letters and appreciate her for getting it right. Teach her to write the alphabets together so that she can associate them better.

8. Keep it fun

Play games, make alphabets with play dough, join the dots, guess the next alphabet in the row, etc. Use your creativity and keep her hooked to learning.

9. Alter your pace

Match her learning pace. Proceed to the next letter, only if you are sure that she’s learned the alphabets well so far. Repeat and revise the same alphabets over and over again, but in new and fun ways, until she gets them right.

10. Read and Repeat

Read out story books, nursery rhymes, picture books, fairy tales, and just about anything that she will love to listen. She will try to imitate your actions and will soon pick up the ability to identify alphabets too.

Did these tips help? Share your tips on how to teach a child the alphabets, in the comments section below.

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