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What is Magic Crate?

    Educational Activity Boxes for 2.5-8 Year-olds
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    Reduce your child's TV & gadget addiction

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    Explore fun Science and Math concepts

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    Build over 12 essential skills

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    50,000+ Happy Customers

How does Magic Crate help your child?

Children spend twice the time in home

On an average, a child spends double the time at home, as at school.

Jojo with Gadget

In today's times, this means mostly watching TV or playing with devices.

80% of brain development

Research indicates that 80% of critical brain development happens before your child turns 8.

Jojo is Thinking

This development has a direct correlation with the kind of activities your child is exposed to.

Trash = Gadgets

With Magic Crate, Cut back on TV time, engage your child productively at home and enjoy the time you spend together!

How does Magic Crate work?

1. Your Box Of Happiness Gets Delivered Every Month

2. All Materials Needed for 4 Activities Packaged in One Box

3. Your Child Uses the Materials Provided To Build or Create a Toy or Artifact and In Doing So, Learns/Explores a New Concept. With Minimal Parental Intervention.

4. Learning Gets Fun & Creative And Hours More Productive

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Magic Crate Reviews

Bhagavathi Ayyappan reviewed Magic Crate -


Last week I ordered magic crate!! Awesome product!! My son loves it and enjoys the interesting activities. With the first activity of junior's little designer, my son learnt about colour combinations and shapes. I could feel an increase in his thinking power and concentration. It's kid-friendly too! I just read the instructions and my 4yr old son worked on it independently. I'm especially glad that my son is off TV and mobile games. Thanks to the magic crate designers!

Vaishnavi Krishnamachari reviewed Magic Crate -


The eager wait for next one to arrive at our door, the surprise glee when it does, the quality time off gadgets together, the mindful learning with a dash of fun - that's Magic Crate packaged awesomely for my girl and me. Do gift your child this experience of wonderment!

Karthik Narayan Kesavan reviewed Magic Crate -


Magic Crate was such a lovely alternative to what would have been silent TV little one loved making the boat and playing along..and it was even more fun as we all did it together..nice fun way to learn!

Arthi Pattabiraman reviewed Magic Crate -


We got Magic Crate -Little Sailor for our 5 year old daughter. She enjoyed making the periscope and the boat. It was fun time teaching her and watching her enjoy ! Enhances creativity and inquisitiveness for the kids. Kudos to the magic crate team !

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